Business Education in Germany’s economic capital.

Munich, the home of the Genuine Business School.

Located in the center of Europe, with thousands of students, a perfect blend of innovative technology, economic growth and cultural diversity, Munich presents itself as the ideal business student city.


Economical – The capital of Bavaria, Munich is one of the richest and most prosperous cities in Germany and Europe as a whole. The high GDP per capita and low levels of unemployment make Munich a very desirable city to study and develop your career. The opportunity for employment is vast in areas such as finance, insurance, automotive etc. Being host of multinational companies such as BMW, Munich Re and Allianz, the city offers a wide variety of positions for university graduates. Be it an internship at BMW or a junior analyst position at Allianz SE, New European College students will have the opportunity to develop a business career in one of the most prosperous cities in Europe.

Cultural – Munich is often referred to as “the city of bicycles and lederhosen”, illustrating the city’s balance between the traditional and the modern. Munich’s biggest attraction is the Oktoberfest; taking place around the month of… you guessed it, October. Thousands of locals and millions of tourists gather together under massive tents to enjoy some of the best traditional Bavarian food and a mass or three of delicious Bavarian beer. The atmosphere is lively and electric, with traditional folk music mixed with the latest hits and sprinkled with a dash of beautiful German women in traditional dresses (Dirndl). Young and old, foreigners and locals, rich and poor are all equal before god and under the Oktoberfest tent.

But October is not the “be all and end all” month in Munich. “Biergartens” are a very traditional site in the city and you can enjoy the delicious food and refreshing beer all year long. Just don’t expect everybody wearing lederhosen or dancing on top of tables. If you cannot wait another year to enjoy the Oktoberfest experience, a “lite” version of Oktoberfest called “Fruhlingsfest” takes place during spring months of April and May.

If you find yourself in the city during the warm months of summer, you can take a short stroll into the “Englischer Garden” or take a tour in “Olympiapark” where you can enjoy a picnic with friends or a splendid view of the city and even the Alps from the “Olympia” tower.

Munich is a very vibrant city when it comes to the nightlife scene. Exclusive venues include the posh “P1” club, and the artistic “Film Casino” club, both located near the center in “Odeonsplatz. Please note that a sharp black suit or dress and a beautiful friend will go a long way to help your case of getting in. Although not as exclusive but by no means cheap, you can find other venues such as “Pacha”, “089” and “Drella”. These clubs are located a short taxi ride away from center and offer different choices of music in different rooms. If you plan on leaving your tie at home, you can enjoy a relaxing night in the Irish and English bars located near the center such as “Kenedy’s”, “Killians” and “Shamrock”. There are also a large number of cafes, restaurants and lounges located in “Altstadt” and the surrounding areas. Bear in mind that Munich is quite an exclusive city, so indulging in its nightlife could get quite expensive.

For the art and history aficionados, Munich is the house of “Deutsche Museum” the largest science and technology museum in the world and “Pinakothek der Moderne”, Europe’s most important modern art museum. Due to its long and illustrious history, the city is host of various castles and gothic style churches like Nymphenburg Palace or the “New City Hall”. If you do not mind a one and a half hour drive, you can visit the “Neuschwanstein Castle”, the inspiration behind the Disney Castle.

Furthermore, Munich is home of FC Bayern Munich, one of Europe’s most successful and exciting football clubs. Watching a Bayern game in the spectacular “Allianz Arena” is one in a lifetime experience. Just make sure to get the tickets in advance.

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