Pathway to Bachelor

The Pathway to Bachelor program is designed to prepare you for studying at university level in English.

One-year of intensive English language courses, business communication training, revision of mathematics and introductory business courses prepare you for your progression into the undergraduate studies.

Program Duration

1 Semester (accelerated)

2 Semesters



Program Start

June, October & February

Who is it suitable for?

Students who do not meet the entry requirements for the Bachelor program at a German university. A successful completion guarantees progression into our bachelor program.

Program Description

The Pathway to Bachelor program is designed to introduce you to the world of studying at university level in English.

Subjects covered in the program include Introduction to Business, Business Math, and Business English.

Focused on international applicants, the successful completion of this program guarantees your placement into our Bachelor of Arts program and gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with student life in the beautiful city of Munich.

Entry Requirements for Pathway to Bachelor Program

  1. Completed Secondary School 
  • High School Degree
  • Transcripts
  1. English Language Certificate (Choose one)
  • TOEFL with min. 64
  • IELTS with min. 5.0
  1. Successful Assessment Examination
  2. Successful Assessment Interview

Please contact our admissions department for further information. ( 

  • Understand what the expectations are for studying at university level.

  • Improve your English language skills.

  • You have studied a different subject and would like to switch to the field of Business Administration.

Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you with any questions.

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