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13. March 2019
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Mia San Mia, Mia San New European College

Last Friday, students had the opportunity to participate in an unforgettable behind the scenes tour at the Allianz Arena. The Allianz Arena is the second largest football stadium in Germany and is the home of Germany’s biggest football club – FC Bayern Munich. The stadium was built 14 years ago and since then it is the place were Munich football fans come together to support FC Bayern and the German National Team.

The excitement of our students could not be contained, especially from the football fans – who began to document their visit with videos and pictures as soon as they exited the subway station and made their way to the stadium. We were warmly greeted by our guide at the entrance gates, who immediately began to share interesting information about the Stadium with us. In the tour, our students had the opportunity to discover facts about the stadium, enter the main seating area, and experience backstage access to the stadium press lounge, press room and the players’ dressing room.

When the Arena tour finished, students accompanied by Chancellor Liebhardt proceeded to explore the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt, where they learned about the history of the team, including the evolution of the team and the uniforms, the important players immortalized in the hall of fame and the titles won by the club. Some of our students let their football spirit out and played a friendly match in the museum court, while others tested their reflexes with a goalkeeping interactive board.


A “behind the scenes tour” was the perfect way for students to obtain an overview of the management processes in the stadium. From the availability and organization of the seating, to the maintenance of the field and the events that are hosted in the stadium lounges  –  which are crucial for generating revenue outside match days, as the match days are estimated to be between 30 to 40 per season. Furthermore, our students were given an inside view of the management of sponsorships in the stadium, as well as information about the commercial reasons for the change of sponsorships between the different European competitions.

-Maria Plata (NEC Marketing Intern)

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