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25. March 2020
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27. March 2020

Update from the Chancellor: Education in the Time of Coronavirus

“In times when our normal life gets upended and we find ourselves confronted with a mountain of uncertainties we shall not fall into despair. It is in these times that we must stay calm and focus on the future.”

– Chancellor Sascha Liebhardt


Over the past few weeks, New European College has made the important and necessary pivot to becoming a temporarily virtual campus. This decision was made in the best interest of our current and future students to ensure continuity in their studies and avoid delays.

As of this week, we are happy to announce that all programs at New European College are now fully being conducted online, and all students accepted for the May Intake will begin their studies online and without delay.

Delivering online lectures to our international body of students located across the globe is an exciting and innovative venture for New European College. We have received very positive feedback from our students and lecturers about their experience teaching and learning in our virtual classrooms.

Without question, everyone is critically observing the developments concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19). And with all uncertainty, it is essential to not be distracted from focusing on the future and the time when we return to our regular way of life.

Current Situation in Germany

While the numbers in Germany are changing on a day-to-day – if not hourly – basis, we remain confident in Germany’s government and health care system and their provisions to protect Germany’s citizens and mitigate the impact of the coronavirus. Germany has one of the largest hospital bed densities in the world and testing and treatment are readily available.

The German Government is committed to minimizing the economic and social effects of the coronavirus. On Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet agreed upon an unprecedented package of support for Germany – Europe’s largest economy – worth hundreds of billions of euros to cushion the impact of measures to contain the coronavirus.

Current Restrictions 

In addition, the German Federal and State Governments have agreed on an extension of the guidelines adopted on 12 March for reducing social contact:   

  1. Members of the public are required to reduce their contact with people other than the members of their own household to an absolute minimum.
  2. In public, as far as possible, they must keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from all those other than those mentioned in point I. above.
  3. Visiting public places is only permitted alone, with one other person who does not live in your household, or in the company of members of your own household.
  4. Travel to work or to provide emergency care, shopping for essentials, doctors’ appointments, attendance of meetings, necessary appointments and examinations, assistance for others or sport and exercise individually out of doors, as well as other necessary activities will, of course, continue to be possible.
  5. Groups meeting for parties in public areas, homes and private institutions are unacceptable in view of the serious situation in our country. Compliance with social distancing is to be monitored by the authorities responsible for public order and the police, and violations will be penalised.
  6. Restaurants and cafés are to be closed. This does not include the delivery and collection of food that can be taken away and consumed at home.
  7. Service providers in the personal care sector such as hairdressers, cosmetics studios, massage salons, tattoo parlours and similar establishments are to be closed, because physical proximity is unavoidable in these professions. Necessary medical treatments will still be permitted.  
  8. It is important that all enterprises, particularly those open to the public, adhere to the hygiene regulations and implement effective protective measures for staff and visitors. 
  9. These measures will apply for at least two weeks.

Source: Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung


Trustworthy Resources

We urge our community to remain informed and to not fall into the trap of fake news, rumors and gossip. In times like these everyone has a more dramatic story to tell. We therefore recommend for you to turn your attention to truly reliable sources.

Some examples include:

Contacting NEC’s Staff & Administration

To guarantee that our services are always available to students and partners, our Admissions team, Academic department and Administration are fully operational and available for you via email, Skype and telephone. Students interested in applying for an upcoming intake (May, August, October, December, February or March) are welcome to submit their application and supporting documents on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact our admissions team who are eager to support you with your questions and application to New European College.


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