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Update from the Chancellor: Bavarian Regulations & Dark Social Media


Based on the successful curfew and social distancing strategy, the Bavarian government in line with the German government, has eased the regulations concerning the Coronavirus.

The infection rate has slowed and although the R number (the effective reproduction number) has risen over the past weekend to 1.13 according to the Robert Koch Institute, a number below 1.0 is the target, please see below the most important new regulations:

Minimum distance and contact bans:

  • Until June 5, people must keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters in public.
  • The mask requirement remains valid for shopping and public transport.
  • At the moment, in Bavaria it is permitted to meet close family members (children, parents, grandparents or brothers and sisters) or one person from another household. Starting Friday (May 8) it is allowed to meet more than only one person from another household – in private and in public space.


From Monday (May 11) all shops in Bavaria are allowed to reopen.


  • From Monday (May 11) “contact-free individual sport” will be allowed outdoors – for example tennis, track and field, golf, sailing, aviation.
  • Horseback riding is also allowed indoors.

Restaurants, Tourism, Culture

  • On Monday (May 11) zoos, botanical gardens, museums and libraries may open with some restrictions.
  • Starting May 18 restaurants and coffee houses may open their outdoor areas – like beer gardens for example – until 8 pm.
  • Starting May 25, they may reopen their indoor areas, but with restrictions and only until 10 pm.
  • Hotels, camping sites and vacation apartments may open from May 30.
  • Starting May 30 castles and theme parks may reopen and boat trips on lakes will be possible again.
  • Until now there are no details for theaters, swimming pools, saunas and fitness centers.
  • Bundesliga: Football matches for first and second division will be possible without audience (Geisterspiele) from the second half of May. According to the German Football League (DFL), the first matches will be played on May 16 and the finals will be on June 27.
  • Major events like concerts, festivals, sport or city festivals are expected to be prohibited until August 31.

For a complete overview of the Bavarian Coronavirus regulations and Corona news in English, please follow this link:,RtO8eS2

Please do not misunderstand the easing as complete return to normality. As the German chancellor, the Bavarian Prime Minister and epidemiologist have repeatedly stated we must stay prudent; the pandemic is far from over.

This is also underlined by the fact that universities are not permitted to hold campus lectures until further notice. Following the regulations of the Bavarian Ministry of Science and Culture, we are permitted to hold re-take exams and the final exams for the Summer Semester 2020 under strict distancing and hygiene regulations.

Should you have questions concerning the regulations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Especially in challenging times, we are all looking for answers and explanations and so it is even more important to focus on facts and not on rumors and gossip.

As YouTube and Facebook have intensified their activities to reduce fake news and conspiracy theories concerning the Coronavirus, much of the disinformation has shifted to instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, as these communication channels have little external supervision. The term for this is Dark Social Media – information that is shared via social media or instant messaging apps without reference to the source.

To avoid being misled, please always cross-check any information that you receive.

Full Fact, an independent fact checking UK charity, has put together an overview on how you can check claims about the Coronavirus:

For all claims concerning medical advice for the Coronavirus, a cross-check is the mythbuster website of the WHO:

My recommendations:

  1. Don’t get confused by gossip and rumors, focus on the facts.
  2. Stay prudent and the following should be the anchor of your daily life:
    1. Wash your hands frequently with soap
    2. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
    3. Follow the social distancing rule – 1.5 meters or three arm’s length distance. My favourite orientation: imagine a baby elephant between you and your family member or friend.
    4. When using public transport or in a shop wear a community mask
    5. Feeling unwell? Seek medical help early.
  3. Focus on your studies. In times like these, knowledge becomes the backbone of society and your education is the basis for doing well in the future. It makes me proud to see so many of our students using this opportunity to concentrate on their studies. I am certain they will look back with satisfaction, knowing that they did not waste this precious time because one thing is certainly true: we cannot turn back time.

Understanding these times is very difficult, it is essential to stay calm, stay prudent and constantly reassess the situation.

In the history of mankind, we have encountered many challenging moments and mankind has always been able to navigate through.

Best regards, stay healthy,
Sascha Liebhardt


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