Update from the Chancellor: Education in the Time of Coronavirus
27. March 2020
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31. March 2020

Update from the Chancellor: Shifting Online for Seamless Studies at New European College


The most important and pressing question we want to answer for you today:

YES, we are open, accepting applications and will be conducting all courses online for the March and May Intakes at New European College! There is no study freeze and all students can complete their studies as originally planned – stress-free and without interruption.


We are committed to the uninterrupted education of all current, incoming and future students at New European College. For this reason, we are shifting all our courses online so that students can begin and continue their studies from the comfort of their homes without further delay.

Our mission to ensure the success of our students is not limited to times of order and comfort. As we experience the global emergence of the coronavirus, more than ever before, we must look to the future with a pragmatic and innovative perspective and rely on the digital technologies available to us as a community to ensure uninterrupted teaching and learning.

In the past few weeks, we have made a shift to becoming a virtual campus. Our Admissions, Academic and Administrative teams are fully available via email, Skype and telephone. And, our student body is 100% set up online, using tools such as Microsoft Teams, Skype and Moodle to connect with one another and continue studies without delay. We have received very positive feedback from students and lecturers alike about this digital transition.


There are many prospective students anxiously awaiting feedback from their local authorities for information about beginning their studies in Germany this spring. Currently, German embassies around the world have temporarily paused issuing student visas. Our utmost priority is to ensure that our students do not lose any time. Therefore, our May Intake will also be delivered fully online and as originally scheduled.



Delivering online studies to our international body of students located around the globe is an exciting and innovative venture for New European College. During this time, we consider it most essential to focus on a pragmatic and practical thinking that gives us a better understanding of what is happening and how we can make the best out of the current situation.


Once visas are being issued again, and we re-open our campus, we will look forward to welcoming students in our lovely, prosperous and vibrant home city of Munich and at the campus of New European College.

To guarantee that our services are always available to students and partners in the meantime, our Admissions team, Academic department and Administration are fully operational and available for you via email, Skype and telephone. We look forward to answering any questions or inquiries you may have at this time.


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