“Choices for Success” with Executive Leadership Coach Dan Norenberg – New European College
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4. March 2020
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11. March 2020

“Choices for Success” with Executive Leadership Coach Dan Norenberg

The German Dutch Business Forum (DNG), in association with New European College, had the honor of hearing executive leadership consultant Dan Norenberg speak about “choices for success” at the NEC campus on 3 March 2020. The focus of Dan’s talk was about the choices leaders make and the tools that can be used to improve the performance of a company. In a classroom filled with NEC students and faculty and more than 20 DNG members, Dan provided practical tools and vivid examples to bring his points to life.

Here is what our attendees had to say:


“Dan’s talk was so clear and relevant. He took complicated concepts and put them into relatable terms, using vivid examples and stories from his own life. I enjoyed his comparison of management leadership to an airplane’s oxygen mask: You have to put the mask on first before you can help others”.

– Alina, Bachelor Student

“Dan explained that you have to have your vision in mind when you start. Many companies fail because they have it the other way around. …We could really relate to what Dan had to say about team building because this is so relevant to use as students and to me as part of NEC’s administrative team.”

– Lovinder, Bachelor Student & NEC Staff Member

“After 25 years in marketing and leadership positions I sometimes have the “seen that, been there, done that”-temptation. Dan’s talk yesterday was a cure for this. His insightful changes of perspectives is great food for thought. Or how Dan would put it: “What is the way from “Knowing” to “doing” called? Discipline!”

–Thomas Caric, NEC Faculty Member & former Microsoft Director

“Dan shared lots of insights and experiences on successful leadership. It was very inspiring and obvious for me to learn that when leaders want to improve and change their business, they must see themselves as the starting point for growth and that it is important to ask yourself how you can inspire others.”

– Conny Harlinghausen, NEC Staff Member

Our sincere thanks to the German Dutch Business Forum for their valued support and cooperation. We look forward to hosting future meetings on our campus!

View highlights from the evening: