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12. June 2019
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19. June 2019

Taking a Drive through the Past, Present and Future of BMW

BMW – the home of one of the greatest car manufacturers. Robotic arms and steel plates, mixed with amazing architectural designs and sleekness. Along with leading innovative and sustainable designs, BMW has made a name for itself and is known around the world. What started off as an airplane engine manufacturer has become a $55 billion automotive company.

On 14 July, NEC business students were given the opportunity to not only tour the museum but also get an inside tour of the factory and production line of BMW’s cars. Located in Northern Munich – just a few U-Bahn stops from the NEC campus – students experienced the design and production steps taken by BMW to create cars as well as take a drive into the future of the company and understand how BMW is working towards a more sustainable and innovative manufacturing system.

The insightful trip started off with a quick video and explanation of BMW by an experienced tour guide. A 3km tour around the factory followed, where each step of production was explained and displayed. Here students got to see first-hand how cars are made and what production steps BMW is taking to not only make cars but contribute to a more sustainable future. Soon after, students took a quick break where they got to enjoy a quick lunch at the BMW Welt Bistro. Afterwards, a tour of the museum was given by NEC Chancellor Liebhardt, which gave students in-depth insight into the history of BMW and its journey to innovation and sustainability. A number of car selfies and smiles concluded the day’s visit.

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Highlights from the BMW Group Plant Tour



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