German-Dutch Business Forum: Digital Transformation with Monika Smith
21. October 2019
NEC Winter Semester Welcome Drink
18. November 2019

AGBC October Monthly Event: The Future of Work

30. October 2019 @ 18:30 – 22:00 Europe/Berlin Timezone
Munich Marriott Hotel
Berliner Str. 93 München Bayern Bavaria 80805 Germany
AGBC October Monthly Event: The Future of Work @ Munich Marriott Hotel

AGBC October Monthly Event: The Future of Work – What Does It Mean for Us?


Panel Discussion Featuring: 

Moderator:  Sabina Wolf – Journalist and editor for Business, Economics and Political Programs for Bayerischen Rundfunk and ARD.

Alexander Bösl – Key Account Direktor, ORACLE Deutschland

Sharad Gandhi – Technology philosopher and expert on AI

Andrea Hirzle-Yager – Head of Department Operation Health, P&C, Life and CPI, Allianz Deutschland AG

Eric Lynn – Organization Change Consultant, cultureQs – Facilitating Change

Hendrik Purwins – Consultant at Accenture GmbH with specialization on AI

How work will change is a quite provocative topic, especially in today’s ever-changing business world.  This discussion should provide us all a better understanding on how work will evolve, how job structures and processes might be changed, and how we can better prepare ourselves and our organizations for addressing and facilitating these changes.

Key evolving changes include working from home, shared office concepts, employees vs free-lance workers, temporary worker pools for projects, automation, and artificial intelligence.

The talk will spur questions and trigger many thoughts.  For instance:

  • What is “work” and the role it plays in people’s lives and society?
  • How has work evolved in the last few centuries?
  • More important – how will work evolve because of massive changes in multiple technologies, globalization and shifts in economic strength?
  • What are the roles of government, educational institutions, industry, etc. to ease the transformations work?
  • What are the essential needs for transitioning work processes?
  • What are the social components involved in the future of work?
  • How will ethics be applied to AI and changes in work approaches?
  • What are the primary risks?  For instance, further expansion of economic inequality, periods of work interspersed with time off, etc.?
  • If some have less income, how can this be balanced?
  • Work gives meaningfulness and purpose to people’s lives. If it diminishes, what are the substitutes?
  • What are the best survival strategies for individuals – young and old?

Event Registration

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