Things To Do In Munich In April
5. April 2019
Welcome Drink: Summer Semester 2019
12. April 2019

NEC Newsflash: Discovering The Power Of The Bacteria Archaea

Last Tuesday, New European College visited the Headquarters of Electrochaea – Munich’s most cutting edge energy startup. During the visit, students had the opportunity to discover where the future of renewable energy is heading to. Electrochaea’s business model relies on a disruptive and innovative use of the power of the Archaea – an organism capable of transforming existent carbon dioxide in the air into clean gases! Do not miss the great pictures in our recent blog post.

On Tap This Week:

Electrochaea Welcomes NEC

Last Tuesday, our students had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the future of the renewable energy business while visiting Munich’s most cutting edge energy startup – Electrochaea. Learn more about their experience here 

Things To Do During April In Munich

In April, Munich citizens will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of events, and naturally with warmer weather comes the return of the Biergarten season. Have you already got some plans on your calendar? Check out our blog post for upcoming events in the Bavarian capital.​

A Guide To German Etiquette

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Like any other country, Germany has its own guidelines of social etiquette and knowing them is an important part to understand the country’s culture. Do you know your way around the German etiquette? Find out in the following link.

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