Taking on Your Competitors… Opera style
2. July 2019
Mastering the German Job Market: Summer Quality Circle at NEC
4. July 2019

NEC Newsflash: Opera, Hiking or Job Searching?

During the last industrial visit of the semester, our students toured the iconic National Theatre — home of the famous Bavarian State Opera in downtown Munich. On this day, the students learned about management processes and the history of the theatre as they made their way through the backstage areas of the building. Also, THIS Saturday a CV and job interview workshop will take place at the NEC campus. Hosted by lecturer Mr. Zank, this workshop is all you need to conquer the job application world. And finally, have you got any ideas on how to spend your free time during the summer? How about going on some of the hiking trails in the search of breathtaking views of the German landscape?

On Tap This Week:

Exploring the Opera with NEC

Last week, our students went on a behind-the-scenes tour of Munich’s National Theatre. On this visit, they had the opportunity to access the most hidden areas of the theatre and learn everything behind the logistics and planning for each performance. Find out what else they experienced here.

Get on top of your CV game

Do you know how to create a compelling CV to catch the eye of recruiters? Join NEC Lecturer Egon Zank, this Saturday, 6 July and learn about the most important elements to achieve a good CV and receive tips on how to rock your job interviews. Register here.

Enjoy the summer with outdoor activities in Germany

Today is German Hiking Day! And if you are looking to escape from the urban landscape or simply looking for cooler weather during this sunny summer, grab your backpack and start wandering through the German hills. Click here for the most popular hiking trails in Germany.

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