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4. September 2019
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16. September 2019

NEC Newsflash: What You Need To Know About Studying In Germany 

How do I apply for a student visa? What should I do after arriving in Germany? These are just some of the questions that go through a student’s mind when they want to study in Germany. Want to hear the answers to these questions? Check out the articles below. While we talk about studying in Germany, what about studying in Munich? The high quality of life, international atmosphere and security the city has to offer are complemented with Munich’s wonderful activities and beautiful sites and surroundings — that’s what we would call a perfect combination.

On Tap This Week:

Your guide to studying in Germany

Studying abroad is an important decision that has many scenarios to consider. If you are thinking of pursuing your studies in Germany, there might be some questions on your mind, and luckily we have found some answer for you. Click here for everything you need to know about studying in Germany.

The beauty of Munich’s surroundings

With its privileged geographic location, Munich is close to a variety of splendid landscapes, castles, thematic parks, the alps and beautiful Austrian cities. When so many options are available it is hard to choose what places to visit first. That is why we present you with the best 1-day trips from Munich.

The future of farming in urban Germany

City farms are growing in popularity as people look for alternatives to reduce the carbon footprint of the groceries they consume. In recent years, Germany has seen an increase in the number of urban farms — which produce fruits, vegetables and even shrimp. Read more about this revolutionary practice here.

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