NEC Newsflash: Munich + Business Studies = 🧡
7. August 2019
NEC Newsflash: Germany Ranks #1 Among International Students. Here’s Why…
21. August 2019

NEC Newsflash: Germany: Art, Culture and Innovation

What would happen if you combined American acceleration with German technical excellence? That’s exactly the question that went through Jed Ayres’ mind after working for the first time in a German business culture in the United States. Jed learned that there are some things Silicon Valley could learn from the German culture to improve performance and innovation. Learn more about his experiences and thoughts below. And, speaking of German innovation, did you know that last week a Munich based startup received funding to continue their work increasing the safety and reliability of cancer diagnoses!? Keep on reading to learn more.

On Tap This Week:

Bridging German and American Cultures

What happens when American workers come into contact with the German business culture and mentality? They quickly realize how aspects from one culture can be embraced by the other to improve performance. Find here which lessons silicon valley could learn from the German innovators.

The Munich startup advancing cancer research

Munich-based health startup inveox has raised €17 million in funding for its artificial intelligence supported cancer diagnoses. Since its founding in 2017, inveox has won numerous awards and been part of several accelerators of renowned companies. Click here to find more about inveox and their business model.

Munich — the city of art

With 18 museums, 40 galleries and 6 universities the Kunstareal district it’s truly the art hub of Munich. Masterpieces from the middle age, baroque, renaissance, Egyptian and Greco- Roman period are exhibited in these museums, as well as works from the modern era. Find out more about this “Florence on the Isar” here.

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