Overcoming Your Fear of Math with Senior Lecturer Dr Filip-Beil
11. July 2019
NEC Newsflash: Conquer the World of Math with Dr Filip-Beil 
24. July 2019

NEC Newsflash: What Makes NEC Special?

Our latest video is up! This time we present you with the ‘Inside NEC’ series, a compilation of videos where prospective students can explore and dive into life as a student at New European College, in Munich. In this week’s episode, two of our students talk about what makes NEC special for them, so make sure to check below for the link. Next up, touring Germany’s most beautiful sights while enjoying the vibrant and delicious street snack culture. Sounds like a good plan, right? And in case you need ideas on where to go to find street food in Germany, check out the latest article about snacking in Germany.

On Tap This Week:

Inside NEC series begins

‘Inside NEC’ gives future students a glimpse into ‘what it’s like’ to be a student at New European College in Munich. In this episode, we ask Will Exner (Bachelor student from Australia) and Erepade Isiayei (Master student from Nigeria) about what makes NEC special! Watch the video here!

Explore German snack culture

Delicious, fast and cheap, Who doesn’t like street food? From the classical bratwurst with fries to new vegan and healthier options like insect burgers, German street cuisine has come a long way in the last decades in an attempt to please all palates. Discover more about this shift here.

Germany’s most beautiful places

Bavarian fairytale castles located near Munich are some of the most beautiful sights anyone can find in Germany and in a country that always has something to offer in every corner, castles share the spotlight with picturesque old towns and jaw-dropping mountain views. Check out pictures of these places here.

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