NEC Newsflash: Germany: Art, Culture and Innovation
14. August 2019
NEC Newsflash: Come And Visit Us! Open Day is Back!
28. August 2019

NEC Newsflash: Germany Ranks #1 Among International Students. Here’s Why…

In 2016, Germany welcomed approximately 252,000 foreign students — an increase of 16,000 when compared to 2015, and in recent years that figure has continued to increase.  In a recent study, Germany has ranked as the most popular non-English speaking country for students. And, based on the statistics, we are not surprised. The quality of education is only one of the reasons that attract international students to Germany. If you want to find out more reasons, keep on reading!

On Tap This Week:

Germany, a popular choice for students

Germany overtook France to become the most popular non-English speaking destination for foreign students. Some of the reasons why students come to Germany is the international recognition of the country and the professional opportunities it offers. Click here to find more about what makes Germany so attractive.

What you need to know about Uber’s IPO

One of the latest tech giants to do an IPO launch was Uber. This transportation company went public earlier this year and its IPO surpassed other big names like Snapchat and Twitter. Read more about Uber’s IPO here.

The Bavarian sport of finger wrestling

Germany’s largest state, Bavaria, is rich in landscape, traditions and culture. Throughout the year, one can find many long-held traditions being celebrated and while some of these traditions are unusual to the foreign eye, they attract large crowds among the local population and curious minds.  Click here to learn more about the Bavarian finger wrestling contest. 

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