Things To Do In Munich In August
29. July 2019
NEC Newsflash: Munich + Business Studies = 🧡
7. August 2019

NEC Newsflash: Germany or Germany-con Valley?

There is no doubt that students study business in Germany because is one of the strongest and most innovative countries in Europe and the world. This month N26 – a German online banking startup – has shown the world that successful Fintechs are not only created in Silicon Valley. This Berlin-based company has become the most valuable startup in Germany and one of the most valuable fintech startups in the world. Do you know how much is N26 worth? Check down below for the answer.

On Tap This Week:

Nec loves Gen Z

Generation Z is just starting to graduate from high school. However, they are one of the most influential generations at the moment, and by 2020 the will make 40% of global consumers. Understanding Gen Z-ers is the key to understanding the direction in which the world is moving. Click here for some facts about this generation. Click here for some facts about this generation.

N26 turning heads around the world

With a valuation of $3.5 billion, N26 has now become the highest valued German startup and one of the most valued fintech startups in the world. This online bank established in 2015, has seen an extraordinary growth with more than 3.5 million customers in Europe. Read more about N26’s success here

The best day trips from Munich

Munich surroundings are just as full of surreal sights as the city itself, and within short distances, you can visit the alps, medieval towns, castles, and even Austrian cities! Click here for the best short trips you can make from Munich. 

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