NEC Newsflash: World Famous Sports Trade Show Comes To Munich
29. January 2019
NEC Newsflash: Join us this Friday for NEC Open Day
13. February 2019

NEC Newsflash: German Post Offices Now Offering Email Service

Grocery stores offering online car leases? Post offices emailing your letters? We are in the throes of transformation in 2019; the digitization of our communication, processes and media is challenging us as individuals, communities, governments and businesses to find new ways to achieve success. We are excited to see Germany embracing this evolution and many German businesses rethinking their strategies to welcome this rapid change.

 On Tap This Week:


German post offices moving towards digital delivery: Under a new digitization pilot program, customers in Germany can now opt to have their mail “e-scanned,” where their mail will be opened and scanned, before it is sent to them online. Read more…


Car leases now on offer at German supermarket: Lidl, Germany’s discount supermarket giant, is now starting to offer customers the chance to lease a car quickly and cheaply through its website. Learn more…


Self-shredding Banksy painting comes to Germany: “Love is in the Bin”, the work by graffiti artist Banksy that shredded itself live after it was sold at auction last year, has gone on display at a German museum. Read more…

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