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6. November 2019
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12. November 2019

NEC Students Test Drive Business Purpose Design

New European College was thrilled to host the November meeting of Munich’s German-Dutch Business Forum (Deutsch-Niederländisches Geschäftsforums (DNG)) on Thursday, 7 November. New European College is an active member of Munich’s Dutch business community and this event served as a perfect opportunity for students and faculty to build relationships with members of the DNG – especially in light of our new partnership with Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences which is located in the Netherlands.

The meeting’s feature presentation was given by German entrepreneur and author Monika Smith, who discussed her new book, Business Purpose Design, and the emerging topics of digital transformation and social change in the 21st century. During her talk, Monika presented the key areas of action for the development of forward-looking companies while stirring up curiosity about economic issues and how to develop a positive and pragmatic outlook on the future.

The meeting concluded with guests engaging in a real-life business design exercise, which was a highlight for students and DNG members alike. After being separated into small teams, guests were asked to discuss Monika’s six key areas of focus, including technology, commerce, planet, organization, design and culture and agree on which aspects are of greatest importance.

The evening was as informative as it was inspirational and New European College sincerely thanks the DNG as well as Monika Smith for organizing this event with New European College.


About Monika Smith

Monika works as an agile leadership coach, purpose facilitator, lateral thinker and speaker. She accompanies future-oriented change processes and questions rigid structures. In this way it helps companies to live an innovation-driven, people-centred and sustainable perspective (