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14. February 2019
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6. March 2019

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization


Professional Learning | 2-Day Course
Students | Professionals | Entrepreneurs
Saturday, 23 March
& Saturday, 30 March, 2019

In the words of New European College Chancellor Sascha Liebhardt, ‘No Google, No Love’.
In the age of Google, having the core skills to improve your website’s presence in search engine results is critical. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a 2-day course, specifically designed for professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are eager to strengthen their company’s digital presence and ensure top-ranking results for their website. This course offers a mix of theory and practice – participants walk away with the ability to develop a compelling SEO strategy for their department or organization using the tools to make informed decisions with ease and confidence.
Course Objectives:
  • to develop an understanding of how search works to anticipate search engine innovations and changes.
  • which SEO concepts and tactics exist to reach their most targeted and qualified audiences, as well as how to apply these tactics to the context of a website.
  • to interpret SEO signals and monitor SEO performances in daily operations to act accordingly and implement matching tactics.
A limited class size of 15 participants will allow the course instructor,  Baptiste Hausmann of SEOs’mann Consulting, to effectively take a personalized approach with each participant. A final assessment at the end of the course certifies participation via New European College and reinforces the newly acquired skills and knowledge of the participants.
Day 1 – The Fundamentals of SEO
1. How Search Works
2. Benefits and challenges of SEO in 2019
3. Google Penalties and Google Dance
4. SEO and Website Type
5. Defining an SEO strategy for your business

6. Performing Keyword Research in 2019

Day 2 – Applying SEO
7. On- & Off-Page Optimization
8. Mobile SEO
9. International SEO
10. Troubleshooting and understanding SEO in your daily operations
11. Reporting and Monitoring
12. Scaling and Integrating SEO in your organization
13. Website Clinic
14. Certification Assessment

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