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13. November 2020
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5. July 2021

Update from Sascha Liebhardt | A Bulletproof Mindset 

Dear friends of NEC,

2020 has been a year full of unexpected challenges for all of us; with Corona slowly entering our lives in January to confiscating our lives in March, we all had to accept, adapt and adjust.

We all had to accept that some things are within our power, while others are not. Once we are able to understand what is not within our power, we are able to focus on what is.

Please see at the end of my e-mail the links to the current Corona situation in Germany and the Corona regulations in Bavaria in English.

It fills me with pride to say that, despite the challenges to which we have been exposed, our students, faculty and NEC team have been admirably successful at continuing our academic journey together.

This is a great achievement, as we all need to understand that no one is emotionally immune to this constant disruption to our lives and the psychological pressure (conscious and subconscious) that comes with it.

Currently, we are all experiencing the expected (certainly, unwanted) second wave and we must make sure that we stay positive in our thinking and maintain a bulletproof mindset to reach the end of this pandemic safe and sound.

So, let’s focus on the good news and how to stay bulletproof.

Finally, the first very promising vaccines are on the horizon and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We all deserve this ray of sunshine in November.

An excellent overview of the current stages of vaccine development is provided by the New York Times:


Here are my suggestions to keep a healthy and positive (bulletproof) mindset:

  1. Understanding that the pandemic will end. The entire scientific world is working together on developing safe vaccines and the first results are very positive. Mankind has had far greater challenges and has managed to survive them.
  2. It might be tough right now, but we have made it so far and we will make it through this together.
  3. Take a break, breathe calmly and focus on the good things in life.
  4. Even if we cannot meet our friends and family – make sure to regularly connect with them. (I call my mother three times a day – normally she calls me three times a day…)
  5. Keep a healthy routine and maintain good habits:
    1. Get up and go to bed at similar times every day.
    2. Keep up with personal hygiene.
    3. Eat healthy meals at regular times.
    4. Exercise regularly. According to research, a 15-minute walk will already improve your mood.
    5. Allocate time for working and time for resting.
    6. Make time for doing things you enjoy.
    7. Take regular breaks from on-screen activities.
    8. No kissing and hugging strangers.
  6. Be kind to yourself and others. Some days are better than others. (Also, for those around you.)
  7. Learn new things. Study harder.

For the past months, together with my colleagues at NEC, we have followed this path and I am very thankful for working together with such a great team.

For on those days that the Corona blues gets to one of us, the positive attitude and the great team spirit give us the strength to carry on.

A special thank you goes to my colleague Luisa Benedetti, who not only with her good mood made sure that we all stayed positive and tested negative, but who is also growing the NEC family. I am very proud to announce that she and her husband will have a new family member in Spring 2021. Congratulations Luisa and Alfredo!

I also would like to mention our former colleague and NEC alumna Lydia Siebler (our former Marketing Director) – as sad as we are that she has left the NEC team, we are even more proud that she has become the Social Media Manager EMEA of Red Hat. A big round of applause for Lydia!

We are also proud to announce that our MBA student Gunjan Kapdi has joined the NEC team as Campus Operations Manager. Gunjan has an impressive academic and professional track record and together with Flagert Shkurti will take over responsibilities from Luisa when she takes her maternity leave at the end of January. Welcome, Gunjan!

And we have even more positive news at NEC: Our bachelor student Alina Davydova has assumed the position of our marketing manager and has impressed us all with her endless energy and positive mindset. Welcome, Alina!

The great spirit of the NEC team can be seen in our office push-up competition, in which our colleague Pratik Tabhaneimpressed us all with 21 push-ups without warming up. I invite you all to participate in our push-up competition:

YouTube: https://youtu.be/nlwYeV1Io8M 
FB: https://fb.watch/1XvO_Jm6Sb/

For the next months, I wish us all the strength to maintain a bulletproof mindset and to remember “Stay Calm, Stay Healthy and Carry on”.

Very best regards,
Sascha Liebhardt

For information in English in Germany and Regulations in Bavaria please follow these links:

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