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12. April 2019
NEC Newsflash: Celebrating Entrepreneurial Success and Welcoming New Students
17. April 2019

Welcome Drink: Summer Semester 2019

Celebrating the entrepreneurial success of two NEC alumni and welcoming new students. Is there a better way to celebrate the start of the new semester?

When choosing the venue for the Summer Semester 2019 Welcome drink many ideas were considered, however, there was one place that became the right choice: The Good Wine Bar. Created by two NEC alumni, this bar that promises good food and good wine would provide the perfect cosy atmosphere to break the ice among students, faculty and alumni. Located on the East side of Munich, the Good Wine bar is surrounded by colorful buildings and stone streets that are nowhere else to be found in the city.

In the evening of the event, students, faculty and alumni were excited as they entered the bar and saw familiar faces. It was not long until people were chatting in every corner, and as the evening went by students kept arriving to join their friends and chat while having drinks, nice appetizers and documenting the important moments with selfies. By the end of the night, attendees had become acquainted and the separate groups that could be seen at the beginning of the event were now together having a good time.

“When people are in a non academic environment they show a side of themselves no one gets to see during classes” Commented our Marketing Intern Maria Isabel Plata “It was my first welcome drink at NEC and it was a really nice evening, I got to talk to many of the attendees while taking pictures of them; I met very interesting people while chatting with lecturers and students, and I even got to learn a couple of Russian words which I struggled to pronounce the entire evening. I had a good time that Friday, I definitely enjoyed myself.”



Highlights from the evening:

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