Success is like fireworks...

Beautiful to look at but then it goes up in smoke

Our business degrees are for you if...

You are truly interested in lifting the curtain of the business world and want to receive formalized knowledge that will advance you career. 

You want to progress; you have the feeling that your high school and/or bachelor’s degree is only the foundation and you want the opportunity to identify and refine your career goals.

You want proof of your knowledge and abilities from a University of Applied Sciences that has a truly contemporary approach to raising your level of employability.


Those who understand that business is not about working but about entrepreneurial thinking.

HINT: The entrepreneur is the calculating risk-taker


How to apply the academic models and theories to the business world and thus make more effective and efficient management decisions.

HINT: How to evaluate risk


Subject-matter experts with substantial academic and professional experience.

HINT: Faculty are practitioners – not theorists

Interested in achievements and not fireworks?

Then we look forward to speaking with you. Contact our Admissions Team to get the conversation started!

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“Studying at NEC has been much more than just an academic experience. Lecturers are very helpful and most willing to support students and the small class size encourages a high level of participation, feedback and personal development. Studying here is indeed priceless!”

Erepade Isiayei, Master Student, Nigeria