Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Management

The Bachelor program prepares you with the knowledge & understanding of the essential aspects of business theory and practice for a successful career in business.

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Arts   180 ECTS

Program Duration

6 Semesters





Program start

October / March

Program Description

The bachelor degree program is designed to equip you with the knowledge & understanding of the essential aspects of business theory and practice. Through our courses, students are immersed in a wide-range of topics, such as Marketing, Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Communication. Case-studies, project work, corporate visits, guest speakers and networking events are integrated in the courses allowing you to test and continually apply what you‘ve learned in the real world with companies and industry professionals.

To further refine your skill-sets needed to be a successful manager, foreign language courses and a mandatory internship, together with additional communication workshops and management seminars accompany your studies.

Whether global corporations, small & medium size, or family businesses –  all companies are your potential employers after the successful completion of our bachelor degree program.

Bachelor Curriculum

Semester 1

Principles of Marketing
Principles of Human Resources
Financial Accounting
Principles of Academic Writing
Intercultural Communications
Service Operations & Organizations
Foreign Language A

Semester 2

Management & Cost Accounting
Computer Analysis
Business Communication
Organizational Behavior
Service Project Management
Foreign Language B

Semester 3

Financial Management
Management Information Systems
National Law
International Law
Foreign Language C

Semester 4

Internship in Germany / Abroad
Students must complete a 6-month internship program in a business related area with a company of their choosing. The program is combined with additional seminars which prepares students for the report and evaluation of the internship.

Semester 5

Business & Market Research
Management Accounting & Control
Advanced Academic Research & Writing
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Accounting & Finance

Semester 6

Entrepreneurship & New Venture Management
International Economics
Change Management
International Service Management

Bachelor Thesis & Defence

Entry Requirements for Bachelor Program

  1. Completed High School – Please see below the alternatives:
  • Completion of Secondary Education (Abitur, Matura, BAC, or equal) qualifying for University entrance in the country issued.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
    • min. 24 points
    • 2 language courses (at least one must be an advanced foreign language; “Language A”)
    • A scientific subject (biology, chemistry, physics) – must be “Higher level”
    • Mathematics SL/HL
    • A social scientific subject (history, geography, economics)
    • 6th compulsory subject must be one of the following (visual arts, music, theatre arts, a further modern foreign language; Latin, classical Greek; general chemistry, applied, chemistry, environmental systems, computer science, design technology; philosophy, psychology, social anthropology, Business Management)
    • The subjects demanded need to be graded with the IB-grade 4 at the minimum
    • If only one subject is graded with the IB-grade 3, it can be equated, if a further subject of at least the same aspiration level is graded with the IB-grade 5
  • U.S. High School Degree min. 3.0 GPA
    • SAT 1300 points
    • ACT 29 points
    • AP (must have taken calculus, language and a subject that exists in German high school)
  • GCE
    • 1 language course A/AS level
    • Mathematics A-level
    • 1 Natural Science course
    • 1 elective course as desired
    • 3 out of 4 courses must be A-level. The remaining course can be AS-level
  1. English Language Certificate (Choose one)
  • TOEFL with min. 80
  • IELTS with min. 6.0
  • CAE – Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English with a “B overall grade”
  • CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English with a “C overall grade”
  1. Successful New European College Assessment Examination
  2. Successful Assessment Interview

Please contact our admissions department for further information. ( 

Bachelor Specialization

Financial managers are masters of the utilization and flow of funds and are responsible for all requisite financial activities within a firm. Financial management responsibilities affect all aspects of the business and must ensure far sightedness to assure the health of the business.

For companies, finance & accounting translates into the raising and allocating of funds necessary to meet the businesses’ obligations. They are key-decision makers within the firm for their understanding of the expected costs and returns of the activities the firm requires. With growing global challenges finance professionals must find adequate solutions.

Specializing in Accounting & Finance allows you:
• to understand the depth and complexities of the world of finance
• to gain an understanding of international accounting standards and processes
• to design and influence company decisions on the basis of financial risk and return
• to gain insight into the rapidly developing and shifting landscape of international finance to identify and capitalize on financial opportunities for your company

Contributing courses:

  • International Accounting according to IFRS
  • Intermediate Management Accounting & Control
  • Intermediate Financial Management
  • Current Issues in Accounting & Finance

With a specialization in Marketing, you gain the understanding of how value is created and communicated to customers. Marketing professionals distinguish themselves through their understanding of their customers and their ability to market to those segments.

Striving to continuously understand the needs and wants of your customers is vital to any organization’s success. Marketers and public relations professionals must shape and influence the design of products as well as how the brands and organizations are percieved.

Understanding the complexities and dynamics of traditional and modern media – with that the ever growing social network landscape – and how to manouver these are what distinguished Marketing experts from specialists in other fields of business.

Specializing in Marketing allows you:
• to learn about the current landscape, trends and issues, in the world of marketing
• to reach & communicate to a global audience using modern marketing techniques & methods
• adapting your offerings to current needs of customers and create optimal ways of connecting with them

Contributing courses:

  • International Marketing Communications
  • Pricing
  • Sales and Distribution Management
  • Current Issues in Marketing

Every organization requires suitable and talented individuals to carry out business processes. Human resource professionals aspire to bring in leadership and development to companies’ most cruicial assets – its employees.

With the evolution of Human Resource Management as a field in business, companies have recognized the psychological complexities of individuals who are at the heart of the organization. Providing direction, goals and the vision to your workforce enriches the human aspect of employee management.

Successful implementation of projects and increasing levels of performance of international teams depend highly on the strategic planning and approach of HR managers.

The Human Resources specialization teaches:
• Methodologies and approaches of recruitment and retention of ideal individuals
• How nurture and develop the skills and qualities of employees and teams
• Processes of hiring, interviewing, employee benefit management
• Developing attractive positions and communicating your organization as a desireable employer
• The concepts of health and safety and motivation of employees

Contributing courses:

  • Planning, Recruitment & Selection
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Management & Compensation
  • International Human Resource Management

Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you with any questions.

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