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Cost of Living & Accommodation


While Munich is one of the most attractive cities in Europe and therefore has a higher cost of living, the NEC Accommodations Officer is ready to help students secure affordable, comfortable accommodation.

Living Expenses

Options for students include private apartments, shared apartments with other students and student dorms.

The total rent (Warmmiete) includes base rent, electricity, water & general building maintenance expenses, which ranges from € 500 to € 850 per month for a single apartment (with bathroom, shower, kitchen, basement compartment); approximately €20 per month is the average cost for high-speed internet.

Considering that Munich is one of the most expensive and attractive cities in Europe, prices for living are reasonably high. Students should calculate a budget of at least €1000-€1200 per month, the biggest part of which is usually allocated to accommodation costs. The table below provides a short overview of monthly cost of living in Munich:

MonthlyAcademic Year *
Single apartment€ 500 – 850€ 4,500
Food/Groceries€ 400€ 3,600
Leisure activities€ 200€ 1,800
Monthly ticket (public transit)€ 60€ 360
Health insurance€ 95€ 855
Internet & mobile phone plan€ 35€ 315
Visit to cinema/museum€ 15€ 135
Meal in average restaurant€ 15€ 135

*Academic year is calculated with 9-months


Student accommodation in Munich can range in price as follows:


Accommodation TypeMonthly Rent
Room in shared apartment€ 500 – 600
Studio in a private student campus€ 600 – 800
2+ room apartment€ 1200 – 1600
Single apartment€ 700 – 1200