International Business Degree Programs

Pathway to Bachelor International Management

The Pathway program is designed to prepare you for studying at university level in English.  A one-year combination of English courses, business communication training, revision of mathematics and introductory business courses.

Bachelor in International Management (BA)

With small groups, complementary courses, and a strong focus on the pragmatic approach, our B.A. in International Management prepares you for a successful business career starting in Munich, Germany.

Master in International Management (MA)

The Master of Arts is the academic path into the business world and the academic world. The program focuses on the scientific side and the application thereof in Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, and Management.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA), has become the academic career boost for both entrepreneurs and corporate workers. Globalization demands MBA graduates with a truly international business education.

Preparing Business Leaders of Tomorrow

Theory & Practice

Our curricula connect the essential aspects of business theory and practice. Our students undergo the extensive programs designed to equip them with the necessary tools and skill-sets required to succeed in today’s professional environments.

Small Groups

Small groups ensure frequent interaction between our students and lecturers. Real-life business cases, assignments, simulations and presentations are some methods with which our students can develop their communication skills on the basis of business principles and practices.

Critical Thinking

Complementary courses are designed to evoke critical thinking with our students.  Our well-rounded approach to business education ensures, in an ever-shifting business environment, that our graduates are well-prepared for complex and international challenges.

Experienced Faculty

Aligned with the core principles of our program, we prepare our students with the practical skills and assets they require to succeed by ensuring top-standards of teaching from experienced industry professionals. Our class format promotes one-on-one discussions with our lecturers, to progress and build on concepts, ideas and problems.

Corporate Visits

Within each semester, our students are offered a range of corporate visit opportunities related to their core courses of studies. The visits are developed with companies to allow students to be introduced to real-life business settings. They are introduced with an overview of the company structure and current standing in its respective industry whilst allowing students to participate in discussion with the managers.

Guest Lecturers & Events

Sharing ideas and experiences are a core aspect of our guest speaker program.

Our students engage in a platform for discussing and are confronted with diverse business issues and current trends from different industries through presentations from distinguished professionals and business leaders.

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