6 Entrance Dates Per Year

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences & New European College have a rolling admission system. Students are invited to submit their applications anytime and can start their studies at six (6) different entry dates each year:

Application Overview

New European College bases the admissions decision on your application documents. Essential for the admission to a university in Germany is that your previous education fulfills the entry requirementsPlease be aware that we cannot make an admissions decision without the necessary official documents.

Selection Criteria

Due to the diverse backgrounds of our student population, acceptance is determined by a variety of characteristics. Decisions are based on (but are not limited to) academic background, English proficiency, motivations, global perspectives, extracurricular involvement and strength of essay.

General Application Deadlines

International students who do not live in the European Union (EU) must apply 6-8 weeks before the entry date of choice.

Students living in the EU must apply 2-4 weeks before the entry date of choice. In case the student does not apply before the deadline, their application will be automatically changed into an application for enrolment to the next block.

In individual cases, an application can be expedited.

General application deadlines per intake:

    1. September 2024 – 21st of July 2024
    2. October 2024 –  5th of September 2024
    3. December 2024 – 17th of October 2024
    4. February 2025 – 5th of December 2024
    5. April 2025 –  13th of February 2025
    6. May 2025 – 3rd of April 2025 

Application Process - 3 Easy Steps!

1. Start your Application

Fill out your online application form by clicking on the Apply Now button, upload the required documents, submit the application form, and pay the €50 application fee. At this point, the online application is sent to the university and you will receive a confirmation email with the next steps.

2. Interview with an Admissions Officer

When all documents are submitted, an appointment for a Skype interview will be scheduled with an admissions consultant.

3. Receive your Admissions Decision

Once the above is complete, an admissions decision will be made.

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact our admissions team.




  • For All Applicants:
    • Certified copy of Secondary School transcripts and diploma in either English or German. (If not yet available, a copy of last intermediate transcript/progress report)
  • For Graduate Applicants:
    • Certified copies of undergraduate transcripts and diploma in either English or German. (If not yet available, a copy of last intermediate transcript/progress report)


  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivational Letter (800 words)
  • Original copy of IELTS / TOEFL Certificate (Document must be no older than two years)
  • Color Copy of passport (for EU Citizens: ID Card) which includes the information & photo pages
  • Color Passport photograph (not older than 6 months)
  • Applicants for the MBM Programs must submit two reference letters (2 Academic or 1 Academic and 1 Employer)
  • Applicants for the MBA Programs must submit two reference letters (2 Employer or 1 Academic and 1 Employer)


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