Business Education in Germany’s Economic Capital

Munich, the home of New European College

Located in the center of Europe, with thousands of students, a perfect blend of innovative technology, economic growth and cultural diversity, Munich presents itself as the ideal city for international business students.



in Germany for level of dynamism of
economic development & prosperity

“City Rankings 2018” IW Consult


As the world’s most livable city 

“Most Livable City 2018” Monocle Magazine


for Quality of Life World-Wide 

“Mercer 2018 Quality of Living Ranking”

Home to renowned international companies such as BMW, Siemens, Allianz, Munich RE and FC Bayern München, Munich not only has a reputation for steady growth, but consistently ranks as one of the world‘s top cities in terms of quality of life and professional competitiveness. Having one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, and the lowest in Germany, abundant employment opportunities allow you to establish and continue your path in business in the economic heart of Bavaria. With the support of our administration, we help you find the right place for your strengths, talents & passion to build your future.

Today, modern Munich is a cosmopolitan economic hub known not only for the famous Oktoberfest, but for its cleanliness, safety, and unique combination of technology and tradition. As the third largest city in Germany, Munich is rich with political and cultural history, breathtaking architecture, fine art and music. You will find a charming view of the Alps, the sizeable Isar River flowing through city center and a vast number of parks and gardens making Munich one of Germany’s most visited and picturesque cities.

Playing host to a wide-variety of trade fairs and exhibitions, and being a short trek away from other European epicenters, such as Milan, Brussels, Zurich, Barcelona and Paris, you are open to explore some of the best sites and attractions Europe has to offer during your studies at New European College in Munich.