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7. March 2019
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The success of our alumni is New European College’s most valuable measure of success. The mission of New European College is to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills and ensure their sustainable employability. Here are some of New European College’s most recent entrepreneurs.

Alexander Engelfried
& Marco Kreuzer


(Bachelor Program, Class of 2016)

Co-Founders of Fairfleet, professional drone & pilot booking platform

Alexey Sosnin

(MBA Program, Class of 2018)

Co-Founder of Faro Beer Company, craft brewery

Simon Zika

(Bachelor & Master’s Program, Class of 2019)

Founder & Manager of The Candy Store, US & British food, beverages and candy store

Vladislav Anisimov
& Ekaterina Kuzmenko

(Bachelor & Master’s Program, Class of 2018 & Current Student)

Co-Founders & Managers of Good Wine Bar, Neighborhood wine bar featuring music, wine and friendship

Olga Gayduk

(Bachelor Program, Class of 2018)

Founder of Il Signo, Italian restaurant in the heart of Munich

Susanna Limbecker

(Bachelor Program, Class of 2016)

Founder of Seepferde, Dressage breeding stable in Southern Germany