Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds pursue an MBA. Entrepreneurs & business professionals looking
to achieve higher roles & responsibilities within the organization enrich and sharpen their business
knowledge, leadership, management & networking skills through the NEC MBA Program.

Degree Awarded

Master of Business Administration 90ECTS

Program Duration

2 or 3 Semesters



Program Start

October & March

Program Description

The Master of Business Administration (MBA), has become the academic career boost for both entrepreneurs and corporate workers. Globalization demands MBA graduates with a truly international business education.

With our MBA in International Business you will gain the necessary skills and tools to be able to take over challenging positions with managerial responsibility. For students without previous education in business the MBA is the perfect program to qualify yourself for managerial positions.

Our MBA in International Business is connecting theory and practice and is taught by instructors with significant experience in their profession. Small groups allow for a very interactive education. As our MBA students need to have job experience to be able to enroll, the individual experiences and backgrounds of each and every student make classes even more enjoyable. Our faculty members use activating elements such as case studies, simulations, projects and presentations to give every student an opportunity to easily connect the gained knowledge with their personal experiences.

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For students who require GMAT for admission, join us for our 4-week GMAT preparation course.

Master of Business Administration Program

Applicants with an undergraduate diploma with 210 ECTS credits are eligible to enter the accelerated MBA program.


Managerial Economics (MECO110) – 150 Hrs, 5 ECTS

This course gives an in- depth view into the economic framework and the rationale of economic, especially strategic decisions. In order to enable students to analyze the economic environment and draw conclusions from a managerial perspective, the course is devoted to the description and analysis of the market forces. Based on that, strategic decision making is the common aspect of the second part of the course.

Corporate Finance (CFIN110) – 150 Hrs, 5 ECTS

In today’s turbulent capital markets, successful professionals need to be well equipped to deal with the increasingly complex challenges of financial decision making. Valuation, undervaluation and raising funds are complicated enough at the best of times, but in today’s international marketplaces and constantly shifting global economy, they are more challenging than ever.

Performance Measurement and Management (SM120) – 150 Hrs, 5 ECTS

Performance measurement and performance management support the implementation of strategies on the basis of performance measures addressing financial and non-financial/operational aspects. Consequently, students will get to know the function of performance measurement and performance management as part of the overall management functions.

International Marketing (IM140) – 150 Hrs, 5 ECTS

International marketing in general focuses on global market opportunities and threats. This means to recognize which market and organizational interdependencies are relevant for the marketing of products and services in international environments and to understand the managerial challenges of going and being international.

Leadership (LEA110) – 150 Hrs, 5 ECTS

Participants in this course get a high impact guide to the essentials of the modern concept of leadership in learning organizations with the following key factors: Personality (skills), Team (styles), Organization (techniques), and Task (strategies). With regard to the specific nature of International Management it will be likewise essential to take cross-cultural aspects and cultural features into account.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IENT110) – 150 Hrs, 5 ECTS

In developed economies entrepreneurship and innovations are key drivers of competition, competitiveness and survival kits in globalized economies and markets. Thus, the course Innovation and Entrepreneurship exposes participants to the ideas, drivers and motives of entrepreneurship as well as the practical aspects of identifying, assessing and moving own innovative ideas forward.

Strategic Management (STRAT110) – 150 Hrs, 5 ECTS

This course is a strategic management course which takes an interdisciplinary approach and applies several management concepts to different industries and markets (B2C, B2B). To understand the strategic drivers, and how to manage them pro-actively, detailed knowledge of international strategic management challenges as well as the understanding of how international corporate strategies have to be planned, implemented and controlled to create corporate value is considered indispensable.

Change Management (BUS310) – 150 Hrs, 5 ECTS

We live in a world of constant change. This concerns not only individuals but organizations as well. Even successful organizations need to constantly reinvent themselves to stay successful. This course provides a discussion of change in relation to the complexities of organizational life, with an emphasis on applying theory into practice.

Managing in the Global Economy (MGE110) – 150 Hrs, 5 ECTS

The course is designed to deliver the economic, organizational and cultural underpinning students need to know to better understand the managerial challenges global organizations of all types and sizes have to cope with. Participants will gain detailed knowledge and practical experiences to understand how organizations can achieve competitive advantage in a globalized world.

International Marketing
Accounting & Finance
IT Management

Capstone Project (CP1) – 300 Hrs, 30 ECTS

A capstone project is a culminating activity that provides a way for master students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they acquired during their master studies. It engages students in a project that focuses on an interest, career path or academic pursuit that synthesizes different fields of their master studies and real life management perspective.
It could be done as a business plan, consulting project or an internal/external company analysis.

Entry Requirements for Accelerated MBA

    1. Bachelor degree from a state-recognized university with
      • min. 180 ECTS credits or equivalent (and)
      • min. 3.0 German grading system (equivalent to 2.0 GPA out of 4.0 U.S.)
    2. Business related work experience of at least 2 years after Bachelor graduation
    3. English Language Certificate (Choose one)
      • TOEFL with min. 80
      • IELTS with min. 6.0
      • CAE – Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English with a “B overall grade”
      • CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English with a “C overall grade”
    4. GMAT (only if your grade is less than 3.0 German grading system / 2.0 out of 4.0 GPA U.S.)
      • min. 500
    5. Successful Assessment Interview

Please contact our admissions department for further information. ( 

MBA Specialization

With a specialization in Marketing, you gain the understanding of how value is created and communicated to customers. Marketing professionals distinguish themselves through their understanding of their customers and their ability to market to those segments.

Striving to continuously understand the needs and wants of your customers is vital to any organizations success. Marketers and public relations professionals must shape and influence not only the design of products as well as how the brands and organizations are percieved.

Understanding the complexities and dynamics of traditional and modern media – with that the ever growing social network landscape – and how to manouver these are what distinguished Marketing experts from other fields of business.

Specializing in Marketing allows you:
• to learn about the current landscape, trends and issues, in the world of marketing
• to reach & communicate to a global audience using modern marketing techniques & methods
• adapting your offerings to current needs of customers and create optimal ways of connecting with them

Contributing courses:

  • Global Brand Management
  • International Consumer Behavior
  • Applied Marketing Research
  • Current Issues in International Marketing
  • Sales and Pricing

Financial managers are masters of the utilization and flow of funds and are responsible for all requisite financial activities within a firm. Financial management responsibilities affect all aspects of the business and must ensure far sightedness to assure the health of the business.

For companies, finance & accounting translates into the raising and allocating of funds necessary to meet the businesses‘ obligations. They are key-decision makers within the firm for their understanding of the expected costs and returns of the activities the firm requires. With growing challenges brought about by the current downturns of economies, finance professionals must find more inventive approaches and solutions to meeting their financial goals.

Specializing in Accounting & Finance allows you:
• to understand the depth and complexities of the world of finance
• to gain an understanding of international accouting standards and processes
• to design and influence company decisons on the basis of financial risk and return
• to gain insight into the rapidly developing and shifting landscape of international finance to identify and capitalize on finacial opportunities for your company

Contributing courses:

  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
  • Advanced Management Accounting & Control
  • Current Issues in Accounting
  • Current Issues in Finance

Hospitality professionals posses a certain element of natural charm and a mind for figures and which merely presents the surface of what Hospitality Management encompasses.

Far from what hospitality had meant previously, future leaders in the hospitality management sector need now to be strategic and innovate thinkers. With the ability to capitalize on new opportunities and meet complex challenges in the rapidly evolving hospitality related industries, it is no longer enough to focus on its operational aspects.

Modern managers within hospitality succeed through building their fluency in the ever more sophisticated and dynamic contemporary marketing and communication. They must be familiarized with the new developments and trends across multiple platforms and audiences to continually monitor and understand the evolving needs of their clients.

Specializing in the area of hospitality allows you to:
• Explore and discover current issues and trends within the hospitality industry and its general business environments
• Learn theories and management methods used in pricing and distribution strategies aimed at increasing revenues
• Gain knowledge on successful development, planning, design, constuction and interior finishing of hospitality facitilies
• Understand the significance and challenges faced within the food and beverage industry by operators, decision-makers and policy makers

Contributing courses:

  • Hospitality Management Seminar
  • Pricing and Distribution Management
  • Hospitality Project Planning & Development
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Strategic Hospitality and Tourism Management

Smart organizations are leveraging the primary areas of information technologies – enterprise, network, functional – to facilitate and advance their business objectives. Businesses and governmental organizations are continually recognizing the cruicial importance of information technology and redefining its roles and impact within all levels of the organization.

IT Management experts are equipped to tackle the leadership positions within high-tech environments combining their strategic and operational understanding of technology and how it can enhance essential business processes.

Specializing in IT Management teaches how to:
• Apply IT management concepts to real-life situations
• Manage tech professional towards the development and implementation of IT systems and/or products
• Identify and apply technological solutions and opportunities for business improvement
• Execute strategic management goals by leveraging technology

Contributing courses:

  • IT Project Management
  • IT Service Management
  • IT Government and Compliance
  • IT Architecture Management
  • Software Engineering – Basics & Principles

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