Project Week: The Magic Ingredient of Employment: CV & Cover Letter
17. June 2024
Ship Happened! NEC Summer Bash 2024
30. June 2024
Project Week: The Magic Ingredient of Employment: CV & Cover Letter
17. June 2024
Ship Happened! NEC Summer Bash 2024
30. June 2024

18th Annual AGBC Exchange Hosted at NEC

On Saturday, July 8, 2024, the American German Business Club (AGBC) held its annual exchange on our campus, and it was quite the event! As guests settled in, they were treated to a delicious buffet breakfast. The Chancellor of NEC, Sascha Liebhardt, kicked things off with a brief introduction, which was followed by a warm welcome from Constanze Sabathil, the President of the AGBC. Each speaker introduced themselves and their topics of discussion.

Throughout the day, the audience was treated to nine engaging and informative workshops, covering a range of topics including everyday logistics, burnout prevention, how to spot idiots, uncovering hidden gems in Munich, the role of Tarot in contemporary life, and an enthralling talk on the James Webb Telescope that transported us to space. The speakers were all experts in their respective fields, and their presentations were both educational and entertaining.

This year, our chancellor  Sascha Liebhardt joined the speakers’ panel with his workshop titled “How to Spot an Idiot,” a humorous and insightful presentation. His workshop was a highlight of the event, combining wit and wisdom to engage the audience. Attendees found the chancellor’s ability to blend comedy with valuable advice both entertaining and educational. The session included practical tips, amusing anecdotes, and interactive segments that encouraged participation and laughter.

As the event drew to a close, guests had the opportunity to catch up with one another over a delicious meal and network with other professionals. The lunch was a buffet with various options for everyone, including vegetarian meals.

Participants ranged across all ages and various industries, from bachelor students to CFOs of companies. It was fascinating to witness conversations between people with such diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. The mix of experiences and perspectives enriched the discussions, fostering a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere. Attendees appreciated the opportunity to network and share insights, learning from each other’s unique journeys and expertise. All in all, it was a memorable day filled with great conversation, new ideas, and plenty of fun.

Overview of Speakers

Logistics in Everyday Life
Martin Laux
Bring On The Motion 
Dr. Claudia Freund
Bust the Burnout
Magdale Henke
New Space Frontiers with the James Webb Telescope
Paul Salazar
How to spot an idiot?
Sascha Liebhardt
Scotland Through the Whisky Glass
Nick Walker
Interesting Places in Munich
Christian Hiering
Tarot in todays world
Naomi Isaacs

About AGBC Munich

With a keen interest in promoting business contacts, the AGBC Munich Chapter provides a well-rounded business networking platform with strong contacts to the Munich Area American, German, and international business communities. Learn more about AGBC.