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17. December 2018
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18. December 2018

Privacy & Personalization in the Age of Big Data

The December Quality Circle, hosted at the Munich-based tech startup Usercentrics, was the perfect opportunity for students and experts alike to discuss the growing challenges for marketers in today’s increasingly data-driven environment.

With the enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 and the new EU ePrivacy Regulation, the future of digital marketing rests on the cusp of change. At present, the usage of personal data is restricted and needs the consent of each user (e.g. in regard to cookies). However, personalised advertising is a new trend which relies on cookies and tracking to provide a more customised experience. As the debate of privacy versus personalisation continues to evolve, marketers and companies will be required to develop solutions that allow the continued use of personal data in a transparent and ethical manner in order to be effective.

As the leading Consent Management Platform (CMP), Usercentrics was the perfect host for the December Quality Circle. Usercentrics empowers companies to obtain, manage and document the consent of their users across platforms. Their goal? To help the world’s leading organizations implement a transparent Consent Management Platform and achieve GDPR compliance.

“Students agreed that – regardless of which approach was best – transparency must be at the center of current and future marketing strategies.”

Representing one end of the debate stood Usercentrics founder and CEO, Mischa Rürup, speaking to the importance of privacy in regard to sharing personal data with third parties. Representing the other was NEC faculty member Dr. Korbinian Spann, an experienced digital marketing consultant, who discussed the growing importance of delivering customized experiences to customers throughout all stages of the customer journey. As the discussion drew to a close, students agreed that – regardless of which approach was best – transparency must be at the center of current and future marketing strategies.

New European College thanks Dr. Korbinian Spann, Mischa Rürup and the entire Usercentrics team for supporting this insightful and educational debate and giving our students a chance to exercise their critical thinking skills outside the realms of the traditional classroom. See insights from the October and November Quality Circle events and visit the Quality Circle site to learn more!

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