NEC at IAA Mobility 2021 - The World’s Largest Mobility Show - New European College
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3. September 2021
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10. November 2021

NEC at IAA Mobility 2021 – The World’s Largest Mobility Show

“Mobility in the 21st Century and the Impact on the Automotive Industry”.

First Industrial Visit for Students since 2 Years

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Munich Campus visits IAA Mobility for the 1st Project Week in the Academic Year 2021-2022

The IAA Mobility is the world’s largest mobility trade show and was held in Munich this year for the first time. Formerly known IAA, the world’s largest car event, it has undergone a transition expanding the trade show to include all stakeholders confronted with the challenges of the mobility.

With the 2021 IAA Mobility, as the name implies, the automotive industry is attempting to present itself as part of the solution and for this has enlarged the circle of participants of the show by inviting, apart from the classic car manufacture, bicycle manufacturers (70), IT companies & tech start-ups in the mobility sector, suppliers that are contributing to more sustainable mobility solutions, as well government stakeholders (City of Utrecht) that display holistic solutions to the urban mobility challenges.

All in all, the IAA Mobility wants to combine the presentation of the car models & solutions in an environment where all stakeholders are present. For this reason, the IAA Mobility is split into two parts: one in the convention centre of Munich and one in the city centre – to underline that the industry has understood that their future is dependent on the goodwill of the consumer & of governments.

At the “Open Space” not only the manufacturers present themselves, but you could also experience art, culture and culinary delights in the context of the IAA MOBILITY.


View highlights from opening day at IAA Mobility 2021: