NEC Newsflash: Exploring The Fuels of the Future With A Visit To Clariant
3. June 2019
NEC Newsflash: Welcoming New Students to NEC
5. June 2019

A Warm Welcome For Our June Intake Students

Last Friday on 31 May we were delighted to welcome a group of new students for our Summer Semester 2019 June intake. These students were excited, as well as relieved to start off their new university experience at New European College. This intake was especially designed for international students who had a delayed start ­– many coming all the way from India to join us!


Orientation Day is an important experience to help new students feel welcome, as well as get to know Munich and kick-start their new journey into studying business. It provides the opportunity for NEC administration to finally meet students in person, get to know their interests and help develop their goals for the future, allowing NEC to make their educational experience more personal and enjoyable. Orientation Day also gives students – current and new – the opportunity to mingle and get to know each other, creating the basis for lifelong friendships. Students get a taste of what it is like to be an NEC student and be part of the thriving NEC community.


The day started off with an insightful business lecture by our Chancellor, Sascha Liebhardt, where he introduced the concept of Porter’s Five Forces, giving new students a taste of a typical university lecture. After that, a presentation on “All Things German” followed, providing helpful information about Germany’s rules and regulations. This information was also provided in students’ welcome packages, which they received at the start of the day. To finish up the day, Chancellor Liebhardt and our new student group embarked on a tour of downtown Munich at Marienplatz, which dazzled students with its historic churches and stunning monuments. A relaxing walk through the Englischer Garten brought the tour to a close. Students got to experience Munich and get a taste for the city life. Overall, Orientation Day was very eye-opening for students as well as staff and allowed for new connections and experiences to be made.

(Priscilla Piraino, NEC Marketing Intern)



Priscilla is the Marketing Intern at New European College. She is originally from Italy and is currently a tenth grade student at Munich International School

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