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The art of storytelling; the magic of social media marketing: An interview with the Chancellor

New European College Chancellor Liebhardt

Remember back to the fairytales you read as a child – the developing plot line; the conflict resolution; the harrowing protagonist. Social Media marketing, according to Chancellor Sascha Liebhardt, is essentially one and the same. It is the art of storytelling. In his recent interview with the ISPO Academy, Chancellor Liebhardt, a social media expert in his own right, explains the magic of using an authentic and continuous narrative to engage customers.

“Social media is an essential part of people’s everyday lives – and yet, most companies still do not understand the necessity of investing resources in social media marketing,” comments Chancellor Liebhardt. “Companies are only slowly beginning to understand that social media is not a mono directional channel. …Social Media only works when it is two-way.”

New European College Sascha Liebhardt

Chancellor Liebhardt, filming his Social Media Marketing Webinar for the ISPO Academy

In his free Social Media Marketing webinar from ISPO Academy, Chancellor Liebhardt uses the vivid narrative of his mother’s desire to sell her chocolate chip cookies to illuminate his essential concepts. He explains that in order for her to achieve success, she will need to differentiate her messages across her various social media channels.

“Develop your own core competence, but from the customer’s point of view. Only then can you tell an authentic story,” says Chancellor Liebhardt. “The focus is then not on individual campaigns, but on a continuous narrative. The protagonist (the company) is constantly positioning itself within the perception of the customer,” Liebhardt describes. “It’s about establishing a relationship based on trust.”

Chancellor Liebhardt shares his passion for social media and marketing with students of New European College as a lecturer within the marketing faculty. Be sure to watch his free webinar on the ISPO Academy website as a sneak peak into his dynamic lecturing style.

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