Exploring Societal Marketing & Sustainability at BMW - New European College
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6. November 2019
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8. November 2019

Exploring Societal Marketing & Sustainability at BMW

Picture this: It is your first Project Week at New European College. Your group has been chosen. The assignment is clear – understand and evaluate how BMW demonstrates its sustainability philosophy from a societal marketing perspective. You have 24 hours to prepare a pitch. What would you do?

Thanks to our prime location in Munich, the obvious answer was an on-site visit to the world-famous BMW Welt & Museum to explore these concepts up close and personal. On a blustery autumn day, New European College’s newest Bachelor students commenced their visit with a look at the BMW Museum, which offered a fascinating presentation of the company, brand and BMW product history, as well as an in-depth exhibition about BMW’s sustainable development commitments and impact.

The second part of the day included a behind-the-scenes guided tour of BMW Group’s plant. Students were able to access all areas of BMW’s automotive production from the the press plant and body shop, to the paint shop and assembly line. It was a highlight for students to observe first-hand BMW’s state-of-the-art automotive engineering and their forward-thinking use of automation to innovate production.

The day concluded back at BMW Welt’s stunning interior and with additional opportunities to view the exhibitions and sleek vehicles on display. Students were undoubtedly inspired by what they saw and experienced throughout their visit to BMW Welt, as well as stimulated to analyze their experience and prepare for the following day’s pitch. The group was in unanimous agreement – their experience at BMW Welt not only enhanced their own understanding of societal marketing in practice, but was also the perfect compliment to their first Project Week assignment.