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19. December 2019
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Simulating the Battle for Video Game Supremacy

Our Bachelor students were excited to spend their December 2019 Project Week immersed in the world of video games. That is right – you read it correctly! Through an interactive case study simulation, our students were able to experience the dynamics, intricacies and challenges of strategic competition in multi-sided markets by playing the role of a senior manager at a video game hardware platform producer, such as Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft.

To bring their theme of simulating the battle for video game supremacy to life, the week was led by current NEC faculty member, Mr. Thomas Caric, who is also the former Microsoft Head of Marketing for Xbox. A special guest lecture by Mr. Boris Schneider-Johne, a former Micosoft Xbox Product Manager, also gave students the chance to understand competitive platform network effects from an industry insider’s perspective.

From interactive group discussions to team building exercises and candid conversations with experts, the ‘Platform Wars’ simulation was an engaging and interdisciplinary way for students to dive into concepts such as strategy, economics, technology and pricing behavior.

We thank Thomas Caric and Boris Schneider-Johne for their time and dedication to our students!