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11. June 2019
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17. June 2019

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!


There is no greater honor for a university than celebrating the success of its graduating students. This year, New European College had the privilege of celebrating its graduates at the NEC Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, 08 June 2019.

This momentous occasion took place at the historic Münchner Künstlerhaus, followed by a cocktail reception at Il Sogno restaurant in downtown Marienplatz. Our graduates were joined by family members and loved ones, fellow classmates, alumni and the faculty and staff of New European college.

Highlights from NEC Commencement 2019


Chancellor Sascha Liebhardt addressed the graduates with words of inspiration:

The fundament of success is perseverance or the ability to fall in love with your own ideas. Why? Because when we are in love, there is no mountain too high or no business challenge too big. And perseverance plus love becomes passion, the other fundament of success. To make sure your passion does not take you off the track – use common sense. Some ideas are crazy and assessing the degree of craziness is the art and science of success. Remember, there are no bad ideas, but maybe the time is not yet ready for your great idea. Becoming invincible does not mean that you will win every battle life challenges you with, it means how you perform should you lose. Never surrender. Never give up. And if you need support, you know where to find us. Congratulations!

Guest speaker Thorsten Robrecht, Vice President of Advanced Mobile Networks Solutions at Nokia, spoke with candor about staying true to yourself, being humble and following your passion.

The following individuals received awards for their commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship and academic excellence:

Valedictorian: Lydia Siebler (MBA)

Lecturer of the Year: Vittorio Tagliabue

Special Recognition: Larry Schulz

Outstanding Academic Achievement:

Best BA Student: Edin Muslic

Best MBA Student: Lydia Siebler

Best MA Student: Yuliya Kim

Best Thesis: Laura Driuzzi

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award: Simon Zika (MA)



New European College expresses its sincere gratitude to all students, faculty members, alumni, team members, partners and friends who have supported us relentlessly in the first four years of our existence. We look forward to the future of New European College and the continued success of our graduates in the international business world!