18. December 2018

Privacy & Personalization in the Age of Big Data

30. November 2018

Beating Harvard: NEC Business Case Challenge

Having the freedom to challenge ideas, exercise critical thinking skills and negotiate under pressure while receiving constructive feedback is a priceless benefit for students who pursue […]
28. November 2018

Reflecting on Success: Winter Semester ’18 Welcome Drink

When it comes to pursuing a business degree, taking the time to stop, relax, socialize and celebrate is as important to a student’s success as the […]
9. November 2018

The Debate Is On: Push Versus Pull Marketing

To what extent are we truly living in a digital world? Do digital channels like Facebook and Youtube still makeup the cornerstone of marketing success? This […]
7. November 2018

Behind the scenes at Bavaria’s National Theatre

“Tradition, continuity and an impressive repertoire: these are the solid pillars supporting the Bayerische Staatsoper – one of the world’s leading opera houses.” – Bayerische Staatsoper […]
24. October 2018

Innovation & sustainability: Industrial visit to BMW

A warehouse full of robots, working in synchronized perfection; a pristine assembly line with sparkling automobile frames; meeting rooms filled with some of the world’s most […]
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